I received my "Package of Power" today and I am thrilled!  You are so right in that the medallions are even more beautiful in person.  I could not be happier with the choices and the green/blue medallion you gave me as well.  Thank you thank you!  I'm going upstairs right now with the baby cupcakes to do some energy work on my husband who just happened to slip and fall on some ice yesterday which really aggravated his back.   ALSO, thank you so much for the jump ring on the blue/green medallion AND for including the necklaces on both pieces!!!  AND the essential oils!  I love aromatherapy and I'm going to use a bit of the prosperity oil on my husband too.  :-) You are amazing.  In love and gratitude... Star Baby Francine

​I'm noticing subtle changes in how I'm approaching my work and life overall... I notice it more each day.  And my sleeps are solid!  Sometimes difficulty falling asleep because I just feel so excited and so much love...  and gratitude... and loving the medallions too.  They are so beautiful.  I feel like the fog in my head is clearing and I am literally breathing easier, and deeper. 

​I am sooo excited about what you are doing for me.  You have really opened my eyes, or actually re-energized/revealed a part of me that had been buried for a long time.  I've also pulled out several big beautiful quartz crystals I purchased MANY years ago, dusted them off and am enjoying them again too.  

I am so loving my baby grid and the cupcakes... just today I noticed a very pleasant change with my husbands underlying energy, like a shift of some sort, more love and lightness...   My desire is to just keep adding to my Star Baby "collection"!   Many thanks... Francine

Dear Rochelle - you are amazing!  Thank you for keeping such great perspective and treating me so well, and with so much love and compassion.... and for the Angel reading!  I'm sure I will be thrilled with my POP!   Thank you thank you....   Francine

​Thank you again for this beautiful pendant.  For some reason I was thinking from the pictures that it was a gold colored glaze in the center, not actually 24kt gold!  I love it... it's a  really special piece.  I took it to the jeweler for a gold jump ring and ever since I put it on it's just a part of me now.  Of course I love the other as well, it's just such a noticeable energy difference between the two.  I do feel way more girly and feminine wearing the purple and gold.... and it feels really good!  I've been working through some health and hormone related stuff too so it's perfect.  And to me, and according to Feng Shui, purple is for prosperity/wealth.... so it really is perfect!  Thank you SO MUCH for beautiful tile on my desk as well...  

​And speaking of flowers, your flower pendant creations are absolutely precious!!!    ...so sweet and so feminine...  I love the plum and blue flowered ones... you are so talented Rochelle.  I'll let you know about Ella's star baby flower when I give it to her.

​Plus, I've been doing some amazing energy work and I'm never a day without wearing my pendant.  

What an awesome necklace! I opened the box right there in the parking lot of the post office and put it altogether and put it on. So unique! I am so proud of it - thank you! I have it on now ... the packaging was so dainty .

I just would like to thank you for the angel and love essential oil, water bead and also the marble which you sent me as free gifts. I have been using the star babies toys in my bath and also to sleep on.  I tried to make ormus oil with the boulder but do I need 3 to be able to make the ormus oil?  The medallion Maximus is very beautiful and trust love and miracles to come my way.   Kind regards Kay




Thank you one of the nicest gifts I have ever received!  I love you, and i love your latest products.  Estella

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​Thank you one of the nicest gifts I have ever received!  I love you, and i love your latest products i plan to order a cup and bowl but having a hard time deciding which one!  Xxxooo

Thank you for the informative explanation about the love grid ... I may keep sleeping in it -
but the reason I took it off for the last 2 nights is twofold: 1) I found a bit of chocolate - got
it off with a finger nail and 2) when it's hot I find the back of it sticking to my chest and I
was afraid that the gold might come off ... Many people have told me how pretty it is and
I always show them the back of it that says "love" ... but now I will just know that mine is
special and I don't have to worry about that ... I will just remove it to take a shower.

I am getting fleeting glimpses of truth (especially when I reach up and hold on to it during
a time when I feel I need a little help) ... thanks for making me feel special ... Onward and Upward,  Nancy

Well, I just have to tell you that I feel as if I've been given a new gift to try out tomorrow.  I'm
not sure why I didn't think to begin putting my food, drink, etc. in the musical cup.  I sleep
with it just about 3 ft away in my bedroom.  It has a special place on a corner shelf where I keep white things because I like the way it looks there.  Starting tomorrow I will begin as we spoke and then I will let you know some of the results from doing so. Now I'm going to sleep and look forward to tomorrow.

I also felt a light bulb go on when you said "Starbabies Preferred" ... now that is very clear
since you explained it. Now I see that clearly. I think I am vibrating at a little higher frequency now days. I really enjoyed our conversation tonight. Thanks for calling! Good Night with Love,

Dear Rochelle, my star-crossed friend,
When I got your note I remembered the time you pulled my legs, pulled my spirit back into life, and sent me into the hot tub under the star chambers starry sky.  I drank the water.  What a trip.  Thank you!  Don Z

​I have been following your instructions in bathing with the star babies and reciting the affirmation we worked on together.  I have been successful at manifesting influential people into my life.  Thanks so much, Jenny

​The finished Star Babies Power Pieces.

​I have just returned from a shamanic course in Park City Utah where I’ve had the honor to be initiated into the native American Shamanic lineage of the Peruvian Q’ero.  The Q’ero are the direct descendants of the Inca who 500 years ago fled to the safety of the sacred mountains to escape the Spanish Conquistadors.  They endured hostile conditions AT around 14,000 feet and made their village in the clouds.  The Inca Shaman were the “Wisdom Keepers” of the ancient healing methods, rituals and the prophecies for the future of man and the planet.  This knowledge has remained uncontaminated for thousands of yours.

They are now passing this knowledge on to the children in the western world as they know that a time would come when the earth needs this healing globally.  The time is now.  Alberto Villoldo who has trained with the Q’ero Shamans for over 18 years high up in the mountains of the Andes founded the Four Winds Society who train” Altumisayuq Shamans” – Shamans of the sacred mountains.  The head quarters of the Four Winds Society is based in Park City Utah where I have just been.  I had my calling from Spirit when I went to Peru last November, but this is another story...

I have a special request for a custom order.  I keep my personal power stones(the kuyas) which I use for shamanic healing in a special cloth called a “mesa”.  The mesa is folded and tied with a leather lace and a silk shawl.  Would you be able to make me a medallion in a donut shape – with a hole in the centre, to represent a torus field ?  I would like to tie the medallion to the leather string which ties my mesa. The leather string is 5mm thick.  I thought of warm earth colors – the colors of warm smoky quartz and golden citrine with a gold rim on the outside, small flecks of gold and copper on the face.  Would you be happy to create this piece for me?     

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Really appreciate the bonus baby Heart.  Our 8-yr-old daughter claimed it for herself becasue it is so cute.  Aloha, Sean