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                                      ENERGY ART INFORMATION AND SUGGESTIONS

When they are brand new, they do have a distinct “flavor” when utilized immediately.  I personally like this, although others decide to gently wash them or put them thru the dishwasher, first, before utilizing.  It is your preference.  The flavor disappears over time.

For maintenance of all the Crystal Energy Technology Laminar Crystal power pieces, gently hand wash with delicate soap such as dish soap and rinse well.  Or you may wash them in a gentle cycle in a dishwasher any time you wish.

Also, you may wish to super energize any power piece by placing on a cloth, the color of your choice, preferably natural fibers, in the sun and the moon energy.  While outside exposed to the sun and moon, keep covered with the cloth and out of harm’s way.

You can start your structured Ormus water by using all three marbles.  After the time according to the Bovis Biometer reading, you can empty the container 2/3 and then refill.  Also, remove 2 marbles and use them in separate containers.  Possibly one on the counter top for room temperature water and one in the refrigerator for cold water as it will “treat” the food in the frig as well.  Of course, there are other uses and we all find our favorites.  The cupcakes can be processed in the same manner, as well as the Baby Heart, Royal Heart, Cosmics, etc. 

Do not “boil” any of the power pieces in a liquid as it is totally unnecessary with the Crystal Energy Classics or Cosmics, etc.  Do not put them in bleach, urine or any caustic material or liquid.  If placed in red wine, it will retain the color of the wine from that point in time on.  It is not recommended that they be placed in any oil unless it will stay there forever.  There are star babies that will place a water bead or marble in the food they are preparing.  You are on your own in this area as it would be difficult to remove the red color after cooking in a tomato sauce.  Once again, it is personal choice.

As far as the type of container, glass is best.  Porcelain is good also.  The stainless steel containers are positive for the water but there have been horrible reports of people getting their tongue stuck in the vacuum so I do not recommend stainless steel for drinking.  There are glass containers with an outside soft plastic for carrying any where, that are the best. 

If you go with plastic, go with the highest number on the bottom of the bottle.  7 is considered the best and 1 is not worth considering.  Also, use a new container more often.  The other type of containers should also be cleaned regularly.

An excellent way to utilize this technology is in the bath tub.  A lot of us star babies will place the power piece in the bath after securing the drain.  Then cover the power piece with water and let sit until you are going to take a bath.  At that time, fill with hot water of your liking.  If you leave the power piece in the water as you bath, wash separately after using.  Also, there is a chance it could become chipped while bathing with the energy tool,  so most of us will remove the power piece before getting in the water.

If utilized in a spa, wash the power pieces when the water is drained.  They can remain in the water in the spa.  I have had the same energy tools in my spa for over 20 years and they are fine.