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Dear friends,
Today I feel compelled to write to you about this wonderful gift ever bestowed onto mankind, the Laminar Crystals, and I mean it from the heart. This gift was referred to me by a dear friend of mine who is also a Light worker and a natural healer with whom I have shared various holistic technologies for healing work such as Reconnective Healing (Dr. Eric Pearl), Tachyon energy (David Wagner), Primordial Energy Beamer (, Matrix Energetics (as taught by Dr. Richard Bartlett), Orgone energy (William Reich), ORMUS (David Hudson, Barry Carter), and The Infinite Way (Joel S. Goldsmith), just to name a few. We’ve tried and shared with one another the results from these technologies for over three years now. After I heard about the Laminar Crystals as referenced by various  ORMUS conferences’ gatherings around the country who highly recommend them, I went ahead and ordered them without hesitation from the  Laminar Crystal Energy Technology By Star Babies (

Skeptical at first, though from what I read on this site about healing energy and every principles therein described all rang true to my heart. I went ahead and ordered a sample of each of the specimens of these crystals to try them out. Why not? Since I felt so much love, truth and light charged in the testimonials on this site and elsewhere on the web (yahoo groups, etc…). After a few days of waiting, I received the crystals: a Pyramid Bar, a Pyramid Grid, a Cupcake and 18 Water Beads (included as gifts) with such excitement and eagerness to try and apply them. I put all the beads in a one-gallon jar for purpose of energizing my drinking water. This water, I drink twice a day: 8oz in the morning and 8oz in the afternoon. I placed the pyramid grid and bar underneath my 1-inch thick mattress with the grid at the head and the bar at the toe. The following day, I soaked myself in the bath tub with the grid and the bar in it for about 20 minutes. The cupcake, I carry with me all the time.

Here are my findings after the first three days of trying. The first night of placing the grid and the bar underneath my mattress, I had the hardest h... o… ever in my life. I meant straight up! It was unbearable waking up in the following morning like thus. I would not try this configuration again, unless specifically required or requested. That was an incredible experience! The next thing I noticed is that the improvement in the gas mileage while driving my old VW. As gas prices have been so high lately, I developed the habit of watching the needle indicator on the gas meter. The first day, during my normal course of driving to and from work with an usual number of errands around town, I noticed that the needle didn’t move that much from a referenced marked that I had previously pegged my attention to. Two days later, I filled up the tank in the afternoon before a long trip (relatively) that I had to make. The needle moved left a tiny bit which was normal after such distance (at least 20 to 30 miles or so). The following day’s afternoon, when driving on the freeway on the way home from work, I could swear that the needle pointed to the full-tank position again. What’s with that? It’s like some forces are trying to tease me or something! You could say that it was my imagination or hallucination but it benefits me not when I tell you these stories.

About the Cupcake, which after talking to Rochelle (the Star Babies Creator and the Custodian of the Artifact, please refer to the website above mentioned for more information on the Artifact) who told me that she sent me the Cupcake not in error (since I originally ordered a Baby Pyramid instead) but for a purpose. Truly, this Cupcake baby is POWERFUL! That’s all that I can say. While talking to my wife on the phone, there were some irritations inherent in her voice on topics that we normally quarrel about, I observe such incredible calmness on my part and not to react as usual to whatever she said at all! With such peace and pleasant feeling, I was waiting for my own reacting and rising to anger as I would normally experience. Nothing came at all! No anger, no irritations, and no unpleasant feelings. I came to fully enjoy watching myself in such a state of calmness and almost forgot what my wife was talking about. This was beyond all expectations!

All of this is nothing compared to what I am about to describe. I happened to sit on the board of directors of a small company to which I had an ownership interest for the past 4 years. The company was not making money at all which is normal in this economic climate and skyrocketed gas prices. My partners and I have wanted to get out of this investment for quite some time now. While waiting for the Laminar Crystals to arrive, we received quite shocking news that some one has just made a serious offer to purchase our company. I didn’t know if this good news had something to do with the Laminar crystals or not. On the day that we had the Board of Directors meeting, mainly about the selling of the company, I brought with me the Cupcake, placed it in a small box, opened and exposed it fully on the conference table so that every one could see during the entire meeting. We had expected the meeting to be very long and full of quarrelling as usual, especially about such issue as that of selling the company. To the astonishment of everyone present at the meeting, the meeting went so agreeably, uneventful,  successful and short. When the meeting was over, I told the CEO and other directors that I brought my Charms (the Laminar Crystals) in to maintain Peace and Harmony of the meeting. The CEO exclaimed, “It Worked!”

On the physical health side, I didn’t notice much change within my bodily system since I am always charged with Life and Energy. However, when I tried doing pull-ups and chin-ups using the top of the doorframes in my office/work place, once again, to my surprise, I was lifting my entire body high up almost without any effort or pain at all as I before felt. I was so amazed with what I could do that I tried it several times throughout the day, just like a kid toying around with his newly discovered ability! This is quite a joyful experience, I am telling you.

These are just my first few experiences with the Laminar Crystals that I can tell you. I am sure I will have many more pleasant surprises awaiting me ahead.

So, how does it work? One would want to know, right? Many people have used these wonderful crystals made and charged by Rochelle with wonderful and miraculous results. Each of us has our own experiences/explanations, and perhaps no two sets of experiences/explanations are alike. Here is my take of it. It must have worked based on the principle of Unconditional Love. Picke up the phone and call Rochelle to hear her voice and laughs and you’ll know what I mean. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if you are a healer, a seeker, a lover of truth, a star worker, a devotee, a master, a student or a disciple, we all know that we are living in a man-made (also a made-believe) world. It is known to us that life, the universe, mankind, nature and God, are all quantum collapses of all these photon-ic light/wave energies, which become reality as we conceptualize them. Light flashes on and flashes off. Energy units are becoming and arising and forever changing and reconstituting. We, as co-creator with God, can make any thing our heart so desires. The notion of parallel universes, DNA re-programming, the Divine Matrix, etc… all become more and more accepted concepts. However, what is it that makes “things” stick? What makes this reality so real? That, my friends, is Love. When we were kids, when we were in pain, all we had to do is to run to our mother and cuddle inside her arms. A few pat, a simple lullaby of comfort, and poof! The pain went away, and we were back up and running again. That is it! The Artifact was given to Rochelle for her to radiate the unconditional Love toward all mankind. With True and unconditional Love, all atoms, cells and organs within your system and that of the universe will work together in harmony by the conscious light as Truth. As a result, abundant health and wealth and infinite supply will manifest, sometimes instantly, right in front of your eyes. Believe it or not, they do! Time is also our own creation. Memories and pains are our entertainment. Often times we enjoy reliving our pains and don’t make time for other joyful experiences that await us. We choose to stay on the same tract, ride on the same roller-coaster ride and forget other wonderful realities and worlds that we can create. So it matters not if you are a professional healer or an amateur meditation/yoga practitioner, these Laminar Crystals will enhance and magnify your ability to create your own happiness, to concentrate and focus, and to bring happiness to you and others. Any crystals or tools that you are currently using will magnify their power and capacities when placed near these Laminar Crystals made and blessed by Rochelle. This I can vouch for. I’ve heard of the anti and reverse-aging effect of their uses, too. That is not too far off since I myself have personal stories to tell, but that’s for you to experience because we each bring to this world a certain beauty as a contribution, like flowers in a garden, and I am telling you that Laminar Crystals will make your flower more beautiful and many will benefit from your contributions. Star Baby Cupcakes are it! Don’t leave home without them! Look no further! This is the zero-point energy, in its truest meaning that you’ve been looking for. The energy will work with you, but not for you. You are the creator. It will magnify your work. It can be as big as moving mountains and filling up rivers or even to create stars and moons; or it can be as simple and humble as improving the taste of your wine (I enjoy cheap wine with enhanced taste.) or make your flowers beautiful or your skin look younger. Have fun with them and be like Babies, better yet, Star Babies.

I need to figure a way to tame my regular h… o…, you know what.

Ps.  I almost forgot one thing: wearing the Medallion (which were given to me as gifts, also) I noticed that all the food that I eat all of a sudden taste better, truly.

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