Communications from Star Babies Happy Folks

(Condensed Version of some of the Testimonials)

We have been on the pyramid for a month to 5 weeks and we have been drinking Cosmic Marble water for 5 days and have taken baths and drank the water and I've got to tell you it is one terrific experience, Uforic, it is plain dynamite !!! 

I realized the other night while soaking in the marbles and pyramid bath that I no longer have difficulty, or pain in my shoulders and wrists.

Also my son has had a real bout with Tourette's and ADD and severe head injuries as a child and since he has been doing this there is a miraculous, reversal of behavior and the ticks have almost totally disappeared.  His attention has improved tremendously!!!

My memory improvement is tremendous.

I feel I am definitely getting better and younger.

I took a pyramid, marbles, and cupcake bath but left the water for 4 to 6 hours and then got in the water ... what a dynamite experience.

We are experiencing only good from the marbles.

I have also been sleeping with the crystal pyramid at the foot of my bed.

Since I have started using the crystal cupcake in my drinking water and the crystal pyramid under my feet at night and in my bath every few days I have not had much foot pain at all.

-- incredible healing responses --

I am quite pleased with what has been happening with Rochelle's products.

This really is a great improvement in my quality of life.

First thing when I get up in the morning, I have a soak in my tub with my pyramid, cupcake and marbles.
Thank goodness for the Star Babies laminar crystal power.

The power of the crystal had empowered me.

She has been taking one or two baths per day in the Crystal Pyramid water and drinking the Crystal Cupcake water.

-- wonderful products --

With much happiness and joy I have been able to use three Laminar Crystal Pyramids with a group of Cosmic Marbles at my friends house in her spa for the past week going into the round spa each day sometimes twice a day and it appears that the lines on my face and neck have really made a big change and improvement in the last week.

I simmered the Cosmic Marbles in water in a glass pan and it created the most wonderful "OIL" that was put into my bath water.  It really made my skin feel wonderful and I can tell that it has helped with the increase of collagen in my skin.

The Star Babies products have totally changed my life.

I'm looking younger, feeling younger. 

What I DO know is this: I will continue using the Crystal Sleeper, and the Crystal Pyramid------and I will send those same frequencies to my clients, friends and family for their health.

We love our crystal Sleepers and crystal Pillows, and our Cupcakes, and our heavenly Crystal Pyramid Bar and the crystal Marbles.

Healing experience that we have experienced and been able to make such a dynamic influence on our concentration and our total outlook and feeling of euphoria and the things we are getting so many changes in our physical and emotional and spiritual and psychological life that it is mind boggling.

 Pyramid baths, it was such a wonderful experience.

What a healing experience!!!!!!!!!!!

 It has transformed us.

Wonderful Crystal products.

please share our news with everyone so they too can experience this wonder, joy, peace and healing and marvelous Crystal Heavenly World!

For those who want to get more peace and wonderful things to happen, experience the Crystal products.

 Such wonderful things since I got the Cosmic Marble.

We need to experiment with these creations.

“The Sky’s, the Limit".

Star Babies is the only company to date that has mastered the ability to create and produce Crystal Laminar items that really works. 

Star Babies items are very powerful, each in its own way, and each work different for each person for what that person's most immediate need is. 

I let all my Star Babies toys play in my bath water.

I stick the pyramids under my bed and I sleep with the marbles. 

 I just want to laugh and thank God for having the experience of using these dynamite products.

Since I have been using the sleeper, the pillows, pyramid, boulders, and cosmic marbles, I am energized and enhanced.

Those who want to improve and have truly a healing experience that is dynamic and want to be youthful again, I recommend using Star Babies products.

I Love bathing with the pyramid and marbles.

 I put in my marbles and cupcakes and pyramid and let it "charge up". It's really wonderful!
I also sleep with the pyramid and I am “loving” it.

 I am so very, very happy and blessed to receive all of this Love and Wonderful feelings from my Medallion.

The babies in the bath are truly COSMIC!!!

Just absolute and total bliss!!!

 I wear the cupcake everywhere I go and I love it!

My husband wears six of the marbles in a bag in his waistband to soothe lower back/hip pain. 

 I bought fresh local strawberries and put a marble in the pint container with them. They were already fully ripe.  However, the following day and the next, they got sweeter and not one started to spoil or turn over the hill.  They continued looking like the day I bought them.  Now I want to put marbles everywhere.

I'm feeling REALLY good and I'm grateful. 

In my rush of cleaning out the closet in the room they were going to use, I flipped something into my eye.  I went to the bath room and flushed my eye with saline and it still felt like I had  gravel in my eye and soon I was in so much pain I was really getting upset.  So in a last ditch effort to avoid going to the hospital, I took an eye dropper opened my bottle of simmered cosmic marble ormus water and dropped it into my eye.  I was so surprised. It was an instant miracle.  In only five seconds all of the pain was gone.
May I suggest the Pyramid Bar/ Pyramid Grids/ or Marbles and Boulders and then add to them as you can.

You will love having your own ORMUS Star Baby Pool. 

Already I have little Star Babies crystal pillows in my old hand made wood bowl where I place fruit and veggies that don't need to be refrigerated.  Very positive results. 

I have been using the smaller Star Babies Baby Pyramid Grid for about a month now. I place my water bottle on top of the grid and use it to "charge" the water. It definitely "improves" the taste of the water and I suspect that it also changes the viscosity and paramagnetic/diamagnetic properties of the water.

I'm so glad the Star Babies products work. 

I just used the Crystal Cupcake and drank water made from it for almost 2 years, and experienced more energy, renewed hair growth.

I've got Ormus water, yea!!  I put the pyramid and 4 marbles in the tub full time, and in a day or so I had a nice shimmering surface to the water.  Last night it seemed to be even thicker!  This is great! 

I took my bath with all my Star Babies toys (that’s always so relaxing) and went to bed and snuggled into my wonderful Royal Sleeper, with my Royal pillow in place, etc. I fell into a peaceful, pain free, restful sleep with sweet dreams.

A couple of weeks ago, I dropped a heavy desk on my foot and my neighbor who came to help me with it, when he found I was trying to move it without asking for help said, “You’ll not be able to work tomorrow because your foot will be aching, bruised and swollen.”  I told him, we’ll see.  I put the Royal Pyramid Grid on it, held on with my limb wrap.  Next morning, it was fine.  That was a miracle, as far as I was concerned, cause it was so painful the night before.

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