Quantum Energy Connection

The Only Practitioner in the United States is on staff at Star Babies Prefered LLC.  Only limited appointments may be given.  Please email about a possible Quantum Energy Connection.  


                                         RECONNECTIVE HEALING AND THE RECONNECTION

    We have a Reconnective Healing Practitioner on staff that has been personally taught and instructed by                                          Dr. Eric Pearl.  And has graduated in all levels of The Reconnection.

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                Facilitate Healing, Spark Prosperity and Create Metaphysical Protection

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         Please leave a message for a return call.  Our associates may be on another call 

                    or on appointment and look forward to hearing from with you.

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                         Please check back often as we will be adding a lot more information.

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​                                        ANGEL READINGS

                    Ask the Angels any question that is on your mind.  

                                           More info to follow.